Internet of Everything

Toward the end of April, I wrote an article about IoE vs. IoT.

In that article, I put the ideas of Internet of Everything against Internet of Things.

Internet of Things is different to Internet of Everything.

The domain of IoE is to have every device (relatively) securely connected to the Internet.

The domain of IoT is to have any amount of things (devices), but not all devices, (relatively securely) connected to the Internet.

IoT has come under a great deal of scrutiny due to the amount of insecurity deployed with these little devices.

Light bulbs opening your Wi-Fi network because of basic vulnerabilities.

It has come to a point where the only devices I use which could be described as IoT are infact my own creations, usually running FreeBSD, which are more akin to the principles of IoE.

Security it very important to me - I do not want to open my network to anyone.

I have guest WAPs on guest VPNs.

My SANs are heavily secured and sleep when I am asleep.

WOL on the SANs are customised to request customised SSH config files with multiple SSH keys. The order changes every two hours.

Any form of security is important; however, it is apparent many large companies are not taking network security seriously.

If you are interested in the original article you can click this link or see it below:

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