macOS : iCloud Drive + GitHub + Atom + Coda

macOS: iCloud Drive and GitHub - do they play nicely?

Atom and Coda - do they play nicely?

I, MaX, have been researching the web developer stack for macOS.

iCloud Drive and GitHub

I use iCloud Drive to store many of my development files so it is ready to go with Coda on any of my Apple devices.

I am waiting for Coda to support iCloud Drive on iOS.

iCloud Drive offers me the ability to always have files synced, as does any cloud provider or personal server; however, none of the other options work as well as iCloud Drive for integrated with macOS.

Atom and Coda

Atom and Coda work very well together.

Atom picks up where Coda leaves off.

Coda picks up where Atom leaves off.

I love Coda for the reliability.

I like its plugins, but Atom runs away with the trophy for plugins.

I love using Coda on my Macs, but Atom is a must on Windows and Linux.

I would like to see Coda supported as an app on the latest generation Apple TV and I would like to see Atom on ChromeOS.

Atom is very good with CSS based user configuration and plugin user configuration.

It is open source and very easy to update.

Coda is excellent, always works and plays superbly with iCloud Drive and any servers I have chucked at it.

MaX's Web Developer macOS Stack

iCloud Drive




I do use many other tools for development, but the above tools are the main tools enabling me to develop web sites and applications (desktop, mobile and web).

Full Stack JavaScript (FSJS) is my main go to language.

As such, NPM on Node.js and many other FSJS tools are a must.

I am using FSJS on everything. It allows me to build web sites for something that might be a desktop app.

I can build a dedicated app as an optimised web browser with full framework for use with the web application.