I am Thrilled I Did Not Emigrate to California

California is beautiful but failed in 2015; since then, it has become a disaster State.

I am Thrilled I Did Not Emigrate to California

Since 2011, I am persistently asked to join an array of companies and startups in California.

In fairness under full-disclosure, I did not accept offers to emigrate for companies and startups located in:

  1. New York City, New York
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. Boston, Massachusetts

My aim between 2011 and 2017 was to emigrate to California; however, I saw the limiting factor of how older executives would be threatened by my age and kick up a fuss citing my age would destabilise the fabric of the executives.

I did not join those companies and built my projects whilst heavily investing in the stock markets.

Given the amount of people "exiting" and "quitting" California, I am thrilled I did not emigrate
Everyone can see how badly managed California has been for the last three decades. It is a ruined project; it is on life-support and needs a complete reboot
The longer California waits to reboot, the more companies will move out of California to Utah, Texas, etc.
A few companies and individuals moved to Puerto Rico - I coincidently looked at moving to Puerto Rico in 2019

California is a mess, I would visit for meetings but I would not buy a California house; a shame because I love Residence 950, Lombard Street by Troon Pacific.

Residence 950, Lombard Street by Troon Pacific
Residence 950, Lombard Street by Troon Pacific

MaX Saxe Design will remain in the United Kingdom - more on this tomorrow

I would emigrate if the opportunities were correct; Austin and the wider Texas State could be of interest.