UK Government Communication/Social Orchestration Platform

UK Government Communication/Social Orchestration Platform

The United Kingdom Government is keen to maintain high-levels of communication with the United Kingdom public, partner organisations and countries around the World.

This culminates in blogs hosted on which contains 143 blogs with thousands of posts.

The United Kingdom Government's communication commitments can be seen with the recent joining to Instagram by Mi5 (Her Majesty's Secret Service).

The United Kingdom Government Communication Headquarters' (GCHQ) boss is a keen tweeter.

MaX is yet to see a coherent private platform allowing Government departments, organisations, Ministers, etc. dynamic posting of content with automated linking and sectioning to all configured platforms.

Such a platform would be incredibly powerful and could be shared with our Commonwealth and International allies.

Government communication is increasingly important; combatting fabricated stories in real-time shows the awareness and power of a Government.

A Government is made up of the people governed Governing the people who elected them to govern. A Government should not be detached from their electors.

Coherent and cohesive communications platforms should accelerate Government communications.