Tim Cook Dishonesty - 10 GE Mac mini

Tim Cook Dishonesty - 10 GE Mac mini

The 2020 Mac mini with Apple Silicon shipped without 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Not a massive problem to most Mac mini purchasers; however, I have a 10 GE network.

All of the articles claiming they had direct communication with Apple was Apple Silicon M1 did not support 10 GE because it would be saved for M1X which would have higher-end/professional features.

I needed the Mac mini M1 so bought the top-spec model.

Apple silently added the 10 GE option to their website without telling a soul

This dishonesty is unacceptable

Apple should have been honest about the 10 GE delay.

Apple shouts their Apple Silicon is for professionals; Apple should treat their customers professionally with honest communications.

Patrick Kennedy, ServeTheHome (STH) founder, published together an excellent review (article and video) of the Apple Mac mini M1 with 10 GE.

If I had not been using external (>10 GE) network accelerators via Thunderbolt, I would be considering my legal options to return my Mac mini M1 with 1 GE in favour of a Mac mini M1 with 10 GE.

I may see the need to upgrade to the 10 GE as my network connections are saturated.

My main upgrade path is to a Mac Pro in late-2021/early/mid-2022.

I hope to trundle on with my Mac mini M1 until then.

I am looking forward to the MacBook Pro M1X with mini-LED display.

I am waiting for a 27+ inch iMac for my Mum.

When will Apple think of honest?

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